Andreas Simonsen GmbH

Fresh & Frozen Fish - Import, Export, Wholesale


We proudly look back on 130 years of trade, experience and competence in seafood!
As a leading importer of fresh and frozen fish, we continuously hold a wide range of seafood products in stock.

And besides the German market, we export to over 15 different countries world wide.
We stay happily at your disposal for any enquiries you may have.

Company Profile

Fish International since 1892

Carl Simonsen, who was the grand and great-grandfather of the present proprietors Andreas and Richard Simonsen, founded the company in the year 1892 in Hamburg as a Herring-import. Since then, the company has developed into a full-range seller for industry, smokehouses, wholesale, market trading, self-service and C & C markets as well as food retail sales.

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